Monday, 1 Jun 2020
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SMEDLEY STATION OPEN DAYS RESCHEDULED to Sat 27th June & Sun 28th June 2020
Year 10s
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Public Health Team Notic

To Our Schools and Community.Due to the Covid-19 level 4 lockdown the Public Health Nursing team are now unable to offer our usual service to our schools and the community. However, if you have questions regarding our adolescent services or concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing, we are able to offer phone advice. Please be aware that your GP and pharmacies should be your first contact point.  For any Covid-19 queries please contact Health Line on 0800 611 116Our contact phone number is 027 249 8363 - this will be available between the hours of 8am - 4.30pm Monday-Friday.Thanks, and stay safeYour Public Health Nurse Team.

COVID-19 updates

Currently the school is following the Ministry of Education recommendations which advises that there is no reason to close the school at this time.All TSSSA events have been cancelled or postponed for the remainder of this term.All full school assemblies will be cancelled.Field trips and excursions may proceed depending on the status of the trip and recommendations from the MOE and MOH.The school production is still under rehearsal but will be postponed for a performance date next term. Also we ask that you use good personal hygiene routines both here at school and in other social environments. This will stand you in good stead for the upcoming influenza season. Please be advised that if you wish to keep your child home this is your prerogative but there will be no allowance made for missing assessments at this time. Not all classes are set up for online learning and your child has the responsibility to contact their teachers for missing work. Our staff will not be able to supply this on an individual basis. 

NCEA Certificate Endorsements Assembly

Certificate Endorsements are to recognize those students who have consistently achieved their credits at a higher level. To gain NCEA with Merit a student needs to gain a total of 50 or more credits at merit or excellence level. To gain NCEA with Excellence a student needs to gain a total of 50 or more credits at excellence level.We would like to recognize the following students who gained Certificate Endorsements in 2019.Students who have gained a merit endorsement in Level 1 will receive a SHS Scholars badge and bar are: Elaida Alluad, Emma Baldock, Lydia Barber, Adam Belk, Toni Cameron, Maddison Dravitzki, Michaela Dyer, Luke Heine, Jazmine Huston, Caleb Jackson, Nancy Kirk, Ellie Kowalewski, Cole Mischefski, Loegan Peita, Nicole Pitcher, Holly Ratu, Ashlee Reid, Dilan Robertson, Alyssa Simkin, Brendon Simons, Grace Topless, Kim Urbano, Alex VincentTwo students at Level 1 gained an excellence endorsement. Well done Harmony Hanover and Ella Hussey.Students gain their NCEA in Level 2 by gaining 60 credits or more at Level 2. These students will get a bar to go on their scholar badge and are: Emily Armistead, Henry Armond, Gerome Brotherson, Simon Clegg, Julia Howatson, Blake Howells, Thomas Olmo, Hannah Patterson, Dannielle Reid, Shayla Renshaw, Keren WhareaituSamantha Perrett – Samantha has received an excellence endorsement for level 2.Students gain their NCEA in Level 3 by gaining 60 credits or more at Level 3. The following students have gained a merit endorsement at level 3: Hollie Bruce, Bradley Cave, Aengus Gordon, Feargus Gordon, Ashleigh Stanners, Cassie Stove.Maria Kowalewski has gained an excellence endorsement at level 3.Ashleigh Stanners was awarded a Scholarship in Biology.Congratulations to all these students.

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