Close dates:
School Board Academic Scholarship: applications closed 29 July.
RR Tyrer Scholarship: applications close: 23 September, 2022.

Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship.
This scholarship is for intending year 9 students. The Scholarship is available for five years dependent on the academic results of the student each year. The total value of the scholarship is $1200 over the five years. You can download from the link below to apply for this scholarship.

RR Tyrer Rural Scholarship.
This scholarship is for a student who has attended a rural school in the Central Taranaki area and is intending to enrol at Stratford High School. The student must also live in a rural location to be eligible. Please find the current application form and conditions by following the link below.

Craig Scholarship Award The Craig Scholarship is awarded following a bequest by the late Mr Laurence Roy Craig. The scholarship is available to a student or former student of Stratford High School to pay fees or expenses while undertaking a tertiary agricultural or horticultural course starting in 2022. For the year 2022 the value of the scholarship has been determined by the Board of Trustees at $800. Written applications must be in the hands of the BoT Secretary by close of business on 31 January 2022.
Terms of Award:
1.   The scholarship will be awarded to a current student or ex-student of Stratford High School.
2.   The applicant will specify the course to be taken, his/her purpose in taking it and the institution he/she proposes to attend.
3.   The scholarship is tenable at any tertiary education institution approved for the purpose by the Board, while the student undertakes study in an agricultural or horticultural course.
4.   The scholarship will be awarded annually – any holder is entitled to apply for the next year of his/her course. The scholarship must be used for study in the year that it is awarded.
5.     The sum awarded is at the discretion of the Board and the terms of the award are subject to variation from time to time as the Board sees fit.
6.      Payment will be made on receipt of evidence of enrolment and acceptance into the course of study.

Lithgow Family Foundation Scholarships.
The Lithgow Family Foundation was set up in 2011 to assist ex-students from the school to undertake tertiary education. It is not restricted to current students but any student who attended Stratford High School for at least two years and will be studying a NZ accredited tertiary level course is eligible to apply. The application form is online under the links tab below. Applications are open now and close 20  January 2022. Applications must be posted to Lithgow Family Foundation C/- PO Box 20, Stratford 4352. No email applications will be accepted.

TET Scholarships Awarded for 2021

The following students have received a 2021 TET Tertiary Scholarship for the amount of $2000. Congratulations.
Henry Armond,  Maddie Butler,  Cameron Craig,  Julia Howatson,  Kristine Macalalag,  Cassie McIlroy,  Hannah Patterson,  Samantha Perrett.

2020 Graduating Class

We would like to acknowledge those from the graduating class of 2020 who have gained a scholarship to date.
Cassandra McIlroy has received the Otago University Maori Entrance Scholarship and Priscilla Sandys Wunsch scholarship to Otago as well as TET Scholarship.  
Alex Taylor received the D.V. Bryant Trust University of Waikato Residential Scholarship.
Hannah Patterson has received a University of Waikato, Ko Te Tangata School Leaver Scholarship.
Heather Clothier has received a Kiley Family Memorial Trust Scholarship to the value of $9000 and a Perpetual Guardian Scholarship.
Madelynne Butler has received the Priscilla Sandys Wunsch and TET Scholarships. Samantha Perrett received the Wellington Tangiwai and TET Scholarships.

NCEA Honours given out

During each term the Year 11, 12 and 13 students are awarded an internal excellence certificate gained during that term. The final internal excellence certificates were awarded at the excellence assembly on Wednesday 23 October, 2019.
The full listing for each term can be seen under the links tabs.
Term 1, 2019 - presented May 2019
Term 2, 2019 - presented August 2019
Term 3, 2019 - Presented October 2019.